Wireless Docking Station

WDS is a compact sun-fueled platform providing power, communication and networking capabilities to environmental monitoring sensors and technologies.


  • Rugged, portable and compact
  • Self-powered
  • Easy to install
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Usable under any weather conditions
  • Customizable for different sensors and data transmission needs

Power and connectivity to your sensors

WDS features a mini solar panel, a dedicated MPPT manager, a rechargeable battery, a battery management system (BMS), a Wi-Fi and a 169 MHz radio module, and a modular board architecture natively designed for delivering seamless remote monitoring capabilities in any type of setting, including hard-to-reach and off-grid locations.

Extreme remote monitoring: Empowered

WDS can simultaneously power anemometers, rain gauges, thermometers, irradiation sensors, flow meters, etc… and transmit monitored data on a real time basis in a seamless, cable free mode. In case of temporary connectivity fails all gathered data are saved in a local SD card and transmitted as soon as the connection is restored.
Each WDS can act as a repeater and network node, thus delivering enlarged area monitoring and smooth networking capabilities.


All physical environment monitoring in different industries and application cases: weather forecasting, climate observation, agro-meteorology, precision agriculture; irradiation monitoring in PV plants; …

WDS has been tested by

Enel Green Power

WDS is a sunto proprietary technology.


Standard radio communication169 MHz @ 500mW or 868 Mhz @ 25mW
Max open air radio range1.5 Km / Range extendable using multiple WDSs
Optional communication protocols
  • LoRa
  • Sigfox
  • GSM, GPRS, 3G, 4G
Node to multi-node communication interfaceRadio 169 MHz @ 500mW or 868 Mhz @ 25mW
Local short range communication interface Wi-Fi and USB
Concentrator to server communication interfaceWi-Fi and USB
Embedded operating systemProprietary
Power supply
  • Stand-alone (powered by PV solar panel)
  • Grid connection mode
Stand-alonePowered by PV solar panel managed with MPPT and BMS
Device power in ON mode (with radio units off)20 mW
Device power in low-power mode (maintaining the capability to monitor the sensors with reed-impulse output)0.4 mW
Device power in OFF mode0.06 mW
Grid connection modePower supply AC 110-220 V
On board memoryRemovable SD card
Max battery life in ON mode (duty cycle: 100%) without re-charging 10 day
Max battery life in normal mode (duty cycle: 1%) without re-charging100 day
International ProtectionIP 65
Unit operating temperature-30°C ÷ 70 °C
Charging battery operating temperature0°C ÷ 45 °C
Unit weight (with battery and solar panel)3 Kg


DescriptionItem CodeQuantity
Wireless Docking Station with 10W PV panelWDS1-CA5


DescriptionItem CodeQuantity
All-out Irradiation Sensor with serial output. Supplied with 1 m cable, User Guide and calibration certificateCPRO1-SER
All-out Irradiation Sensor with RS485 Modbus output. Supplied with 1 m cable, User Guide and calibration certificateCPRO1-RSM
Smart Battery ManagerSBM1-7.4V
2Go Irradiation Sensor with USB output. Supplied with 1 m cable, User Guide and calibration certificateC2GO1-USB
2Go Irradiation Sensor with serial output. Supplied with 1 m cable, User Guide and calibration certificateC2GO1-SER