Here is CaptPro+, the Advanced All-Out Irradiation Sensor!

We are very proud  to announce that CaptPro+, the advanced version of the All-Out Irradiation Sensor, is ready!

CaptPro+ is a breakthrough sensing device that measures global, diffuse, direct and ground-reflected solar irradiation without sun trackers or other moving parts!

CaptPro+, in addition to other version of the All-Out Irradiation Sensor, also delivers:

  • ground-reflected solar irradiation measurements;
  • data on the spectral bands (infrared, visible) of all four types of  irradiation measured, on GPS coordinates and on the local sun positioning;
  • output data spectral-weighed on the  PV panels technology;
  • measurement of the solar radiation falling on fixed or tracked PV panels surfaces, providing in real time the optimal production curve of the PV plant both for traditional and bifacial PV modules;
  • detachable cable;
  • wider range for power supply (5-24 VDC).

Using CaptPro+, you can increase the production of your PV plant of 5%, you can  identify production losses of up to 1%  and, if you are a tracker manufacturer,  you can use CaptPro+ outputs to implement very smart and optimized tracking strategies  to further maximize the energy productivity.