All-out Irradiation Sensor: three different versions!

  • CaptPro  measures global normal, direct normal, and diffuse solar irradiation.
  • CaptPro+  measures global normal and horizontal, direct normal and beam horizontal, and diffuse solar irradiation. It also  provides GPS coordinates, the Optimal PV Panel Inclination (OPI), the Maximum Irradiation Angle (MIA) and the global tilted irradiance measured @OPI and @MIA, also data spectral-weighted on the PV modules technology and therefore it furnishes in real time the optimal production curve of the PV plant.
  • The most advanced version, CaptPro++, measures, in addition to all the quantities of CaptPro+, the ground reflected solar irradiation, the albedo and all solar irradiation components divided in four different spectral bands (IR, green, red, blue).