Solar Power Supplier

SPS is the control board that guarantees optimal power supply to devices employed in off-grid applications. Connected to a PV panel and a lithium battery, SPS manages both devices so as to ensure maximized performance in any sunlight conditions.


  • Designed for lithium batteries
  • Solar PV panel charging mode
  • Especially suited for environmental monitoring applications
  • Optimal functional requirements in any sunlight conditions

Advanced control on your sun-fuelled batteries

The integrated MPPT draws from the PV panel the maximum power compatible with the solar intensity available on a real time basis. The battery supervisory system controls safety and the key performance parameters of the two cells 7.4V lithium-ion battery, and provides protection during its charging and discharging cycles, thus ensuring prolonged life and optimal fulfilment of the functional requirements for the devices powered. Parameters managed include voltage, temperature, state-of-charge (SOC), state-of-power (SOP), and current.

The board leverages on the I2C communication protocol to handle the communication with the embedded coulomb counter so as to allow for residual capacity monitoring.

SPS has been specifically designed for monitoring applications whereby sets of environmental sensors’ data gathering and wireless transmission are managed through a sun-fuelled self-standing station.

Delivering full capacity to solar-powered batteries

A variety of parameters contribute in determining the overall performance of batteries. Managing them all is challenging because batteries are non-linear, time-varying systems. The case of solar powered batteries is even more critical, for the source of energy continuously varies second by second. Thanks to the built-in MPPT algorithm, SPS ensures that the solar panel output power maintains at its maximum under different loads and sunlight conditions, maximizing the conversion efficiency.


Lithium battery powered devices aimed at environmental monitoring applications.

SPS has been tested by

Enel Green Power

SPS is a sunto proprietary technology.


Output and enabling mode
  • 3.3V @ 2A, Manual
  • 5V@ 2A, Manual and digital
  • Vbat (7.4 V) @ 2A, Direct battery output (fused)
  • 12V @ 1.5A, Manual and digital
Max output power20 W
Power consumption in battery operated mode 20 mW40 day with a complete 3 Ah battery charge
Max PV open circuit voltage35 V
Battery typeLi-ion 2 cells 7.4 V
Width130 mm
Depth70 mm
Height3.5 mm
Operating temperature range-40 ÷ 85 °C


DescriptionItem CodeQuantity
Solar Power SupplierSPS1-LIB