2Go Solar Irradiance Sensor

Capt2Go is a low cost and handy solar sensor that measures global, direct, and diffuse irradiance with no need for sun tracking systems or moving parts.


  • Low cost, small, portable and lightweight
  • Extremely easy to install and maintain
  • No routine adjustments
  • Polar alignment and tilt-plane independent
  • Usable under any weather conditions
  • Natively designed to be con configured in wireless sensing networks transmitting data in a seamless, cable-free mode with no need for routine calibration

Bringing complete irradiance monitoring at hand

Thanks to its game changing design and proprietary algorithm, it summarizes in a single self-standing device the monitoring capabilities of pyranometers and pyrheliometers without any need to be complemented with solar tracking technologies. It also provides information about the position of the sun and on the spectral bands (infra-red, visible, and ultra-violet) of all the three types of irradiation measured.

Irradiance monitoring made easy

Solar irradiance is a key environmental parameter affecting a wide range of essential human activities: agriculture, meteorology observation, weather forecasting, thermal characterization of buildings, energy production, etc..

By making it dramatically simple and affordable, Capt2Go brings at hand the possibility to perform a complete assessment of all types of solar irradiation in a variety of applications in which commercial technologies are just too expensive and bulky for representing a viable option.


  • Meteorology and agro-meteorology
  • Weather and climate observation
  • Plant science, agronomy, precision agriculture
  • Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS)
  • Bioclimatic architecture
  • Canopy design and modeling

Capt2Go has been tested by

  • SUPSI, Switzerland

  • AIT Energy Base, Austria

  • University of Oldenburg, Germany

Capt2Go is a sunto patented technology.


Digital OutputSerial Output, USB
Response Timen<1 s
Sensitivity1 W
Accuracy5% (value not affected by tracking errors typical of pyrheliometers’measurements)
Dynamic Rangen0-2000 W
IR Spectral Range580-1030 nm
VIS Spectral Range380-580 nm
UV Spectral Range280-300 nm
Spectral OutputIntegrated and 3-bands split
Mounting Zenithal Tilt Tolerance± 5 degree
Mounting Azimuthal Tilt Tolerance± 180 degree
Field of View2π Rad
Max Data Rate (complete dataset)1 Hz
Operating Temperature Range-30°C ÷ 85°C
Operating Humidity Range0-100%
IP Rating67
Measure Stability95% per year
Max Power Consumption0.1 W
Weight (without cable)40 g


You can now pre-order Capt2Go

DescriptionItem CodeQuantity
2Go Irradiation Sensor with USB output. Supplied with 1 m cable, User Guide and calibration certificateC2GO1-USB
2Go Irradiation Sensor with serial output. Supplied with 1 m cable, User Guide and calibration certificateC2GO1-SER


DescriptionItem CodeQuantity
2Go Irradiation Sensor 3m extension cableC2GO1-C03


DescriptionItem CodeQuantity
Wireless Docking Station with 10W PV panelWDS1-CA5


DescriptionItem CodeQuantity
Factory recalibration of no. 1 2Go Irradiation SensorC2GO1-CAL