Rugged Linear Actuator

RLA is a robust and waterproof linear actuator especially engineered for solar tracking applications.


  • Especially designed for solar trackers
  • Rugged and enduring mechanics
  • Waterproof
  • High precision and exact positioning
  • Low maintenance
  • Material and surface coatings
  • Driven by sunto Waterproof Tracker Motor

Empowering enduring tracker linear motion

It electromechanically transforms rotational movements into linear motions.

RLA is designed to work in full alignment with its load, so as to prevent lateral loads and stress during operation.

RLA is driven by sunto Waterproof Tracker Motor (WTM).


Solar tracking systems

  • Single axis PV
  • Dual-axis PV
  • Concentration PV (CPV)
  • High-concentration PV (HCPV)
  • Solar-thermal installations

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Stroke1200 mm
Stroke speed2.6 mm/s ±10% in function of the load
Spindle diameter40 mm pitch 7 mm in steal C45
Minimum distance between fixations125 mm
Maximum distance between fixations1325 mm
Dynamic force10 KN
Static load30 KN
Backlash≤ 0.03 mm
RamIn hard chrome
External tubeTreatment zinc Ecotri (yellow)
International Protection Class65
Motor24v DC with encoder incorporated


DescriptionItem CodeQuantity
Rugged Linear Actuator with integrated DC motorRLAL-WMT
Rugged Linear Actuator without DC motorRLAT-NMT


DescriptionItem CodeQuantity
Cable connecting Rugged Linear Actuactor to Waterproof Tracker MotorWTMC-CLA


DescriptionItem CodeQuantity
Waterproof Tracker DC Motor with customizable reduction rateWTMC-CUS
Waterproof Tracker DC Motor with 1:576 reduction rateWTMC-576
Customizable dual-axis High Precision TrackingHPT1-2AX
Customizable single-axis High Precision TrackingHPT1-1AX
Dual-axis Tracking Control IntelligenceTCI2-2AX
Single-axis Tracking Control IntelligenceTCI2-1AX