High Precision Tracking

HPT is the high-precision tracking technology aimed at photovoltaic and solar-thermal installations that delivers maximized energy harvesting throughout the whole day, including early morning and late evening hours, when the sun is very low at the horizon.


  • Extremely high pointing accuracy (0.01°)
  • Engineered to maximize PR: production increase observed in operational conditions +3%
  • Auto-aligning and self-configuring: each tracker autonomously sets the parameters that maximize energy harvesting on a real time basis also in the event of ground movements
  • Energy saving standby option (sleep mode) in cloudy sky conditions
  • Pre-emptive grading not required: can be installed on hills, slopes and uneven grounds
  • Fully customizable
  • Easy to install
  • Low-power consuming

World-class tracking performance

From single-axis and dual-axis tracking systems, to concentration and high-concentration photovoltaic, to solar thermal systems, HPT grants outperforming tracking accuracy in any working conditions. The system is engineered to withstand even severe weather events, and to accept high land irregularities, seamlessly following topography without the need for land grading.
HPT is compatible with any panel and fully customizable on specific application needs and user cases.

The best Performance Ratio commercially available

Performances and profitability of tracker-mounted photovoltaic and solar-thermal installations heavily depend on how accurately modules, cells and concentrators are pointed to the sun, hence the tracking technology adopted is crucial to deliver maximized energy and profit yield.
As certified by independent third parties, HPT exceeds state-of- the-art systems delivering high-precision, customizable tracking mechanics, control intelligence, and components that outperform competing systems in all application cases.


  • Single axis PV
  • Dual-axis PV
  • Concentration PV (CPV)
  • High-Concentration PV (HCPV)
  • Solar-thermal
  • Concentration solar thermal

HPT has been tested by

Enel Ingegneria & Ricerca

HPT is a sunto patented technology.

An example of HPT applied to High-Concentration Photovoltaic:
Butterfly, the leading European HCPV tracker.

Butterfly is an innovative complete high-concentration photovoltaic (HCPV) system, certified according to IEC 62108, in which Fresnel lenses focus sunlight onto small multi-junction cells of the latest generation.

Tracking TypeDual-axis
Total Area55 m2
Panel Area53 m2
Structure Specific Weight124 kg/kWp
System Weight3000 kg
Tracker table weight (incl. drive and without HCPV modules, cabling and basis)1.090 kg
Mast weight400 kg
Wind Designed and Tested to withstandWinds up to 120 km/h in working configuration
Wind Designed and Tested to work With winds up to 54 km/h
Wind Protection Automatic SystemActive if wind speed >54 km/h
Pointing Accuracy+/- 0.1°
Horizontal Plane Rotation Angles15° ÷ 345°
Vertical Plane Rotation Angles6° ÷ 86°
Pointing StrategyHybrid (solar pointing sensor and astronomical algorithms) with a procedure for maximizing the energy produced
Type of MotorDC, 24 V
Motor Protection classIP 65
Typical/maximum absorption with active motors150 W / 360 W
Control board typical consumption< 1 W
Tracking energy consumption100 kWh/yr
Footprint on the Ground< 1m2
Anchorage System
  • screw foundations (anchorages on the ground, without Anchorage System concrete foundations)
  • concrete foundations
Operating Ambient Temperature-25°C ÷ 60°C


DescriptionItem CodeQuantity
Customizable dual-axis High Precision TrackingHPT1-2AX
Customizable single-axis High Precision TrackingHPT1-1AX


DescriptionItem CodeQuantity
Customizable Tracker Basis for Concrete FoundationsHPT1-CON
Customizable Screw FoundationsHPT1-FOU


DescriptionItem CodeQuantity
Solar Tracking Sensor with 4-channel analogue output. Supplied with 3 m cable and User Guide.STS2-RSM


DescriptionItem CodeQuantity
Field tracker technical assistanceHPT1-FTA
Remote tracker technical assistanceHPT1-RTA
Tracker design on the basis of PV modules typeHPT1-DES
Tracker foundations calculationHPT1-FON

Spare Parts

DescriptionItem CodeQuantity
Rugged Linear Actuator with integrated DC motorRLAL-WMT
Rugged Linear Actuator without DC motorRLAT-NMT
Low Backlash Slew-RingLBSR-018
Waterproof Tracker DC Motor with 1:576 reduction rateWTMC-576
Dual-axis Tracking Control IntelligenceTCI2-2AX
Single-axis Tracking Control IntelligenceTCI2-1AX