All-out Irradiation Sensor

CaptPro is a breakthrough sensing device that measures global, diffuse, and direct solar irradiation without sun trackers or other moving parts.

In the most advanced version, CaptPro+, it also measures the albedo and delivers measurements of the solar radiation falling on fixed or tracked PV panels providing in real time the optimal production curve of the PV plant both for traditional and bifacial PV modules.


  • Small, rugged, portable and ligthweigth
  • Extremely easy to install and to maintain
  • Polar alignment and tilt-plane independent (only CaptPro version)
  • Usable under any weather conditions
  • Natively designed to be configured in wireless distributed sensing networks delivering highly accurate irradiation assessment and no need for routine calibration

Irradiation monitoring made simple, accurate, affordable

Its game-changing design and proprietary algorithm summarize in a single self-standing device the output of pyranometers and pyrheliometers, while eliminating the need for extra equipment, such as solar trackers.

Cut costs, grow profits

By dramatically boosting the fine-grained localization of system failures, inefficiencies and production drops with unmatched, pin-point detail, CaptPro allows to maximize energy production, reduce O&M costs, and to increase profitability for investors, owners, and managers of PV plants.
At a cost sensibly lower than a single monitoring station featuring pyranometers, pyrheliometers and sun trackers, and with dramatically lower maintenance cost, a wireless network of CaptPro nodes provides +300% more accurate information about plant performance, 10x more precise localization of faults, and the detection of production drops of the order of 1%, thus enabling an increase of up to +5% in energy yield.


  • PV plant performance monitoring
    and yield forecasting
  • Solar energy site prospecting

CaptPro has been

  • calibrated by the World Radiation Centre
  • tested by Enel Green Power, SUPSI, DLR

CaptPro is a sunto patented technology.


Digital OutputRS485 Modbus, Serial Output
Response Time1 s
Sensitivity1 W
Accuracy3% (value not affected by tracking errors typical of pyrheliometers’ measurements)
Dynamic Range0-2000 W
Mounting Zenithal Tilt Tolerance± 5 degree
Mounting Azimuthal Tilt Tolerance± 180 degree
Field of View3π Rad
Max Data Rate (complete dataset)1 Hz
Operating Temperature Range -30°C ÷ 85°C
Humidity Range0-100%
International Protection67
Measure Stability>99% per year
Power Supply5-12 VDC or 10-24 VDC
Max Power Consumption0.1 W
Weight (without cable)200 gr
10 m long cable Weight400 gr


DescriptionItem CodeQuantity
All-out Irradiation Sensor plus version with serial output. Supplied with 10 m cable, User Guide and calibration certificateCP+10-SER
All-out Irradiation Sensor with serial output. Supplied with 10 m cable, User Guide and calibration certificateCPB10-SER
All-out Irradiation Sensor plus version with RS485 Modbus output. Supplied with 10 m cable, User Guide and calibration certificateCP+10-RSM
All-out Irradiation Sensor with RS485 Modbus output. Supplied with 10 m cable, User Guide and calibration certificateCPB10-RSM


DescriptionItem CodeQuantity
All-out Irradiation Sensor 50m extension cableCPRO1-C50
All-out Irradiation Sensor 25m extension cableCPRO1-C25


DescriptionItem CodeQuantity
Wireless Docking Station with 10W PV panelWDS1-CA5


DescriptionItem CodeQuantity
Factory recalibration for no. 1 All-out Irradiation SensorCPRO1-CAL