Low Backlash Slew-ring

LBS is the low backlash slewing ring suited for high-precision solar tracking applications.


  • High precision with low backlash
  • Rugged and enduring mechanics
  • Long life performance
  • UV resistant sealing
  • Powder coating
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Compact and robust high-precision rotation

LBS is a compact construction with motor connection flanges for flexible and easy installation of its complementary sunto Waterproof Tracker Motor (WTM) that operates the rotational motion.


Solar tracking systems

  • Single axis PV
  • Dual-axis PV
  • Concentration PV (CPV)
  • High-concentration PV (HCPV)
  • Solar-thermal installations

LBS has been tested by

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Module5 mm
Number of worms1
Weight67 kg
Holes (- Na)N. 18 (M16)
Holes (- Ni)N. 24-1 (M16)
Max. Torque12.308 Nm
Nominal Torque10.200 Nm
Tilting moment 67.800 Nm
Static Load Rating, Radial 222 KN
Static Load Rating, Axial555 KN
Dynamic Load Rating, Radial117 KN
Dynamic Load Rating, Axial133 KN
Maximum Backlash0.04°


DescriptionItem CodeQuantity
Low Backlash Slew-RingLBSR-018


DescriptionItem CodeQuantity
Cable connecting Low Backlash Slew-ring to Waterproof Tracker MotorWTMC-CSL


DescriptionItem CodeQuantity
Waterproof Tracker DC Motor with customizable reduction rateWTMC-CUS
Waterproof Tracker DC Motor with 1:576 reduction rateWTMC-576
Customizable dual-axis High Precision TrackingHPT1-2AX
Customizable single-axis High Precision TrackingHPT1-1AX
Dual-axis Tracking Control IntelligenceTCI2-2AX
Single-axis Tracking Control IntelligenceTCI2-1AX